We chose Xinjiang as our tomato planting base which is beautiful and rich. The soil is unpolluted, the water is from natural snow and the sunshine is tremendous. The color of tomato is bright, the solid content and lycopene are high with all these conditions. Free from insects and pests, our products are non-transgenic food. It makes the products natural and secure from the headstream.

  Baoding Wo Ke Food CO., Ltd. ajust strategies according to the international market situation in 2011, and stepped into canned fruits market around the world. And in 2015, we come to the field to frozen fuits and vegetables. We make a huge investment to build fresh fruit and vegetable planting base in Shunping and Rongcheng county successively which guarantees the products unpolluted from planting, packaging and sale. This is also in accordance with the company’s principle and lays the foundation for future diversified development as well.